PLASTFUN Ris3Cat Resolució EMC/2530/2016: Plastic with funtionalised surface.

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PLASTFUN project is supported by Ris3Cat industries of the future EMC/2530/2016 and runs from 1.2.2018 until 31.1.2021 (36 months).

Two industrial partneres (PPT and Kostal) will include in some of their plastic components new technologies:
- Plastic injection replicating nanostructures on moulds
- Plastic injection incorporating nanotechnology from films
- Integrating electronics with new conductive inks

IQS work:
Work at IQS focuses on simulations of plastic injections to decide which process parameters are required for each material to be injected and each nanopattern to be replicated

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"PhD defense news 2/2/2023"

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  • Tomás Baldi-Boleda
    "Fabricación de superficies nanoestructuradas mediante inyección de plástico"
    IQS-URL PhD Thesis
    Supervisor: Carles Colominas and Andrés García-Granada

    • Tomás Baldi-Boleda, Carles Colominas and Andrés García-Granada
    "Femtosecond Laser Texturization on Coated Steel"
    Volume 12, October 2022, Article 1602 (Coatings & Films Q2-9/20, IF:3.236 year 2021) ""

    • Baldi-Boleda, T.; Sadeghi, E.; Colominas, C.; García-Granada, A.
    "Simulation Approach for Hydrophobicity Replication via Injection Molding"
    Volume 13, 2069 (Q1 Polymers Science 16/89 IF:3.426 year 2019).

    • A.A.Garcia-Granada; J.Catafal-Pedragosa; H.G.Lemu;
    "Topology optimization through stiffness/weight ratio analysis for a three-point bending test of additive manufactured parts"
    2nd Conference of Computational Methods in Offshore Technology and First Conference of Oil and Gas Technology (COTech & OGTech 2019)
    Paper Vol. --- N.--- Pag: --- Year: 27-29 November 2019 Place of publication: Stavanger, NO

    • O. Muntada-López, J. Pina-Estany, C. Colominas, J. Fraxedas, F. Pérez-Murano, A. García-Granada
    "Replication of nanoscale surface gratings via injection molding"
    Micro and Nano Engineering
    Volume 3, May 2019, Pages 37-43 (No JCR, open Access)

    • G. Rius; O. Muntada; F.Pérez-Murano; T. Baldi; C. Colominas; A.A.Garcia-Granada;
    "Novel approach for precise and flexible micro-nano patterning of surfaces towards enabling controlled textures on arbitrary objects"
    63rd Conference on electron, ion, and photon beam technology and nanofabrication
    Poster Vol. --- N.--- Pag: --- Year: 28-31 May 2019 Place of publication: Minneapolis, USA

    • T. Baldi; C. Colominas; R. Garcia; A.A.Garcia-Granada;
    "Hydrophobic hierarchical structures on polypropylene by plastic injection moulding"
    6th Nano Today Conference
    Poster Vol. --- N.--- Pag: --- Year: 16-20 June 2019 Place of publication: Lisbon, PT

    • T. Baldi; C. Colominas; R. Garcia; A.A.Garcia-Granada;
    Laser texturing of plastic injection moulding for optical properties
    PRN 2019
    Poster Vol. --- N.--- Pag: --- Year: 8-9 May 2019 Place of publication: Dublin College, IRL

    • J.Pina-Estany; A.A.Garcia-Granada;
    Nanopatternreplication through plastic injection
    International Conference on Multifunctional Hybrid ans Nanomaterials 2019
    Poster Vol. --- N.--- Pag: --- Year: 12 March 2019 Place of publication: Sitges, Barcelona, SP

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    For any queries do not hesitate to contact:
    Andres-Amador Garcia-Granada:
    Via Augusta 390, 08017 Barcelona, Spain
    Tel.: +34 932 672 083 / Tel.Cen.: +34 932 672 000 -ext.283
    Fax: +34 932 056 266
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