NO3 transformation to improve enviroment.

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NO3 concentration is a major concern in water.
IQS organises a postgraduate course on Compamy Enviroment Engineering. Follow this link for official website for this module on iqs web.

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1. - Design a machine to transfor NO3 into other components withou generating additional pollution.
A first approach is carried out defining the entrance of Water with concentration of NO3 of 2 mmol/litre.
Electrolisis should decrease suche concentration down to 0.65 mmol/litre.
A model of reactor is developed using SolidWorks and flow is simulated within the same software.
Animated gif of variants to be considered to build prototypes.
Animated gif of prototype testing.

Initial prototypes are bulid to analyse the influence of several parameters in the electrolitical reaction to transform NO3 into other components.

2. - Optimisation of machine.
Once the machine is designed the manufacturing of parts are studied from an enviromental point of view.
Animated gif of CFD simulations to study velocities and shear forces on walls.

3. - Final design.
Once the machine is optimised the production starts using normalised parts such as racor.

A new design is proposed to circulate the mixture aroound all radiators with uniform velocity distribution.

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